Monday, 3 March 2014

Toko, Surry Hills, Sydney

Nice Bathroom.
The food Toko has a good reputation.  I had a mediocre experience here though.  My friend has been here a few times and she assures me that normally the food is awesome and orgasmic.

I'm going to Japan for a holiday soon so I was just prepping my taste buds.  I thought the restaurant was beautifully decorated and the bathroom was even pretty.

The prawn tempura was really nice but I thought overpriced for what it was. It's no popcorn prawn @ sake. The sashimi was good. I do like sashimi on ice.

The kingfish sushi was really unique and tasty.  This was one of the more stand out dishes of the night. It's slightly overpowering in terms of garlic but I still liked it.  The garlic took away the taste of the kingfish.

The scallop was really dry.  I thought this dish was way over rated and so over priced. Three dry scallops for about $20 was a rip off.  The pork belly was also very dry and I concur about the rip off part.

The mushrooms were beautifully cooked and were the best dish of the night.

All the food below was $160 in total with two glasses of wine. It's a posh restaurant and I expected more. I got mixed results that night. I hope to come back and get to experience the reputation that Toko has.

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