Monday, 14 April 2014

The Terrace Pub - North Sydney


The Terrace has had a slight make over and I then went back for lunch. I found that the decore was much more pleasant but food was not as good as it was. The presentation of the food was still pretty but what's the point if the food doesn't go down well.

Maybe there are just some teething issues.  The $10 steak deal seems to have expanded to Monday to Thursdays.  I'll have to think about this one.

I go to the terrace every few months when I'm in dire need of protein.  This generally involves a steak sandwich or the steak.  If you go early in the week (Mon - Wed) it's a $10 steak with a drink. The food is tasty and consistent. The food is pretty too and is well presented.

On this particular occasion I ordered the steak - medium but it was slightly rare.  The mushroom sauce is beautiful and makes a great sauce for the crispy chips. The salad is minor but does the job to refresh your palette. In the majority of instances where I've ordered the steak it has been more accurately cooked. I would suggest getting there early for a table.

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  1. I work just next door and didn't know they had such a good deal! Thanks:)