Sunday, 11 May 2014

Cheeky Chocolate, North Strathfield

I was really looking forward to a sweet dessert hit. I think cheeky chocolate has a lot of potential but on this busy Saturday night - it was busy and the customer service was appalling.  I ended up asking for a refund for my hot chocolate after a considerable amount of waiting. The caramel hazelnut dome was delivered and demolished very quickly.

I've somewhat suppressed this memory though.  Bad customer service turns me off.  The attendant refunded my money and didn't apologise so I was turned off and that was the lasting impression rather than the dessert. The caramel hazelnut dome was rich with a few different textures.  Worth a try - maybe avoid your Friday and Saturday nights so you don't have the same experience as myself.

Caramel Hazelnut Dome $12 from memory which has been suppressed...

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