Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fix St James, Sydney

Do you like your wine? Compare the booze menu with the food menu at Fix St James and fall into wine heaven.  A fancy establishment for some classy wine and some classy food.  A nice place to have lunch but with the premium price tag. 

Fix St James is a corporate fancy restaurant during the week.  I came here on a day on off with my bestie looking to gossip post-overseas trip with a side of shopping.  

Price: $30 to $35 per main and about $15 plus for a glass of booze

Jaume Rose and the Glover Hill Champagne

Start off with a few sips of wine, eat some herb infused bread and prepare yourself for a nice lunch.  I ordered the fish of the day which was $35.  My dish was a king fish which was perfectly cooked on a corn based bed of baby corn, creamed corn and prawns. A good dish put well together but I would have wanted more moisture on the creamed bed of corn as everything made your mouth dry. Maybe this is where the massive menu of booze should come into play.  A nice place.

Fish of the Day -  King Fish Fillet, with a side of corn, prawns
 My bestie got the Beef Tartare which was pleasant but you should be a fan. The chips were good. She said "I could probably go without" so I take it that she wasn't a massive fan. I am not a fan of raw meat.  The only exception I would make is raw fish. Sashimi me up baby.

Beef Tartare with a side of chips

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