Thursday, 1 May 2014

Misschu CBD Tuckshop, Sydney CBD

Fresh, clean, consistent, trendy but overpriced. I'd still come back though. Why do you ask?

Sometimes you just want something different. I think being Vietnamese makes me a harsh critic so here are my thoughts.  Not all the food at Miss Chu is vietnamese or traditional as such.  It's more of a clean, asian fushion trendy snack shop.  I agree with the other bloggers and reviewers where people say it's over priced and may not be as taste competitive with some of the places in China Town.  But I would come back.

So I would come back because it's right next to my favourite bar and I love Asian food.

Prawn and Scallop Dumpling $7
The dumplings are tasty, consistent and cooked well. They don't rival the freshness of the yum cha at the fish markets though!  They also came out quite quickly.

Vegetarian dumplings $7

BBQ Pork Buns $2.5 each
The pork buns are tasty and are not dry.  Just perfectly cooked. The spring rolls are a bit different than your norm.  If you like a lot of fried crisp then definitely give it a go.

Hanoi Vegetarian Net Spring Rolls (4 per serve) - $6

Prawn and Mango Rice Paper Rolls $7.5

The fresh rolls were okay. I couldn't really taste the mango but the hit of herbs and prawns was evident.

Check out this place but I wouldn't recommend it for dinner. It's more of a snack stop shop.  I think they should improve the ordering and picking up food system as well. You basically order your food then they yell out your name.  It was a bit annoying but not annoying enough to keep me away!

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  1. Looks great! The Prawn and Mango Rice Paper Rolls look lovely. :)