Saturday, 14 June 2014

Flower Cafe Mattaniah, Lidcombe

Flower Cafe Mattaniah is a cafe and florist in one. It has a tropical feel with beautiful scents of flowers.  I like the atmosphere.

A nice cheap and cheerful breakfast menu.  They have nice cheap and cheerful coffee and breakfast combinations too. The breakfast is prepared with an Asian flair. The bacon and egg roll is instead offered up as a bacon and egg sandwich.  Not a toasted sandwich but a bacon and egg on sandwich bread. I found it slightly odd but had no complaints ultimately. Still a tasty treat.

The other components in the big breakfast were tasty as well but not cooked in your typical big breakfast fashion. So if you're okay with the Asian flair then you will love the tasty food, floral surroundings and value for your money.

Prices: Coffee and breakfast combos vary from $8 to $11


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