Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sokyo, Pyrmont

After a highly anticipated recommendation from my bestie; I had very high expectations.  She said this was her favourite Japanese restaurant. There are some amazing restaurants in Sydney; many of them Japanese so my thinking was distorted.

However my verdict was.. wow. Just wow. I loved Sokyo. A very rounded experience in customer service, beautiful decore and presentation and most importantly high quality, fresh tasty food. A nice place for dinner on the posh side.

Price: For 2 people sharing 4 dishes and drinks = $140

Beef Robata $17
The beef was absolutely beautifully cooked and the slices of onion in between each chunk of meat only added to the melting of flavours in the mouth.
Dengakuman - Famous caramelised miso cod $38
This miso cod is famous because it is super tasty.  Go for it! If only there was more to enjoy!
Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice - $20
Another recommended and must try dish.  A nice combination of fresh tuna meshed with a bit of crunch.
Dessert Sampler $26
Finally to finish the night off, a medley of flavours. Another recommend if you can't decide on dessert!

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  1. I love Sokyo, seriously my favourite restaurant right now! The miso cod and tuna crispy rice are so good!

  2. Oh definitely ! It rivals my favourite Sake.... but I think sake may still have it!

  3. yummm i love sokyo, the beef robata is my fave too!