Thursday, 7 December 2017

Niigata, Sydney - NOW CLOSED

I work nearby Niigata so it's a nice place to stop by for lunch with my workmates. I used to come here all the time when it was Takeru. Takeru probably had better portions of food and the food was of a higher quality. Regardless I still enjoy Niigata as it stands today every now and then.

On this occasion, I head here with Yash. Yash and I have bonded over a really big project at my work earlier this year and she tells me she dislikes chilli. I thought this was quite rare for a person of Indian descent but I like how she broke the stereotype in my mind.

I order the half portion of the kaisen don ($8.60) which is a simple sashimi of salmon and tuna on a bed of soy rice and is topped with mayo. As Yash dislikes chilli, I take the entire ball of wasabi away and portion it out on my own plate. The key to enjoying the Kaisen Don is to mix up the rice with the mayo and sashimi. That's where you get a mix of fresh fish, savoury salty rice and the sweetness and creaminess from the mayo. The hint of wasabi on my plate in addition also adds another dimension.

We also share the chicken teriyaki pizza ($10.50). The pizza is served up on a small flat bread with cheese, chicken, mayo and is topped with seaweed. This dish is typically eaten with a few drops of tabasco as well. I encourage Yash and manage to convince her to eat a few drops of tabasco with the pizza. I apply a more generous amount to my plate. I quite like this dish and it's best shared.

I periodically dish when I am being naughty but this omelette below encases noodles and is topped with a sweet mayo and tangy sauce. The noodles are slurpy and addictively sweet. That's why the dish is best shared. Yash is happy as she's tried something different.

Summary: Stop by for a cheap and cheerful meal at a casual fusion eatery. There's also pasta and other fusion type dishes on the menu although I typically stick the dishes that I like. I order the Kaisen Don and Chicken Teriyaki pizza all the time.

The lunch time bento boxes are not bad value at $14 as well.

You have to really get the attention of the staff but I don't mind flinging up my hand.

Price: $20-25 per person

Location: 339 Sussex St, Sydney

Opening Hours: 

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12pm to 9:30pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12pm to 10pm

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