Saturday, 14 April 2018

Qube on Bay, Sydney CBD Broadway

Qube On Bay is a nice little cafe which is located in Ultimo, not too far from Broadway Shopping Centre. So if you want to escape all the crowds and get some peace and quiet, walk a short distance down the road and check out this cafe.

As I walk in, there's an area of mismatched furniture with a bit of old character. I head outside on this occasion though, I am enticed by the sight of fresh air and the cactus plant.  Matt and I look at the menu.

The menu has an all day breakfast and a short lunch menu. As we are here quite early, I focus on the breakfast menu. I can see a number of breakfast favourites along with some Asian fusion dishes.

I start off by ordering a Chai Latte ($4.30) which is my go to pick up in the morning. The Chai Latte is smooth and lightly flavoured. Matt orders the Tim Tam Milo Milkshake ($7.50). You can definitely taste the Tim Tam flavour and it has a residual malt flavour from the milo. It's a nice chocolate hit if you are looking to treat yourself.

I start off with the Qube Granola ($18). It's beautifully presented with house made granola, rose infused chia seed pudding, pandan curd, yuzu curd, yuzu macerated seasonal fruit.  This is quite a sweet breakfast with the fruit, the curd along with the chia seed pudding. I take note of the Hardy Kiwi fruit which is quite rarely served up in cafes  (I quite like the little baby kiwis). The chia pudding along with the fruit are the dominant flavours with a lesser portion of granola for that crunch. So if you like sweet breakfasts, this may be one for you. Matt has a sweet tooth so he ends up eating a bit more of this one than I do.

There's also the French Toast ($18) with matcha mascarpone, yuzu curd, yuzu macerated seasonal berries and toasted pecan. The matcha mascarpone looks like an avocado from afar but I quickly put my fork through it and disturb the perfect round shape. The french toast is lovely to eat, in particular with the yuzu curd. I decide to eat less of the matcha mascarpone as this is quite sweet for my palette. Matt on the other hand is happy to consume the combination of sweet mascarpone, yuzu and fruit along with the french toast. I'd suggest sharing this dish with a friend.

 I'm more of a savoury girl so I enjoy the Bring that Halloumi Stack Back ($15). There's grilled halloumi, heirloom tomatoes, mizuna, quinoa, aioli with a poached egg on sour dough toast. The menu also says there's avocado but I can't see any on this dish.

There's something really comforting about the grilled halloumi. I eat this with the perfectly poached egg. I end up scrapping off some of the aioli as I prefer the halloumi plain with the egg.

Summary: So if you're looking for a nice little cafe in Ultimo, why not head over to Qube on Bay. If you have a sweet tooth then the French Toast or the Qube Granola would be great options for you. In particular if you like the sweet citrus tones of yuzu, you'll really enjoy this familiar asian flavour.

Price: $15-20ish for most dishes

Location: 56 Bay St, Ultimo

Opening Hours: 

Weekdays 7am to 4pm
Saturday 8am to 4pm
Closed on Sunday

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of the venue or their representatives. All photos, opinions and words are my own.
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