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Weekend Food Escapes is a Sydney Food Blog and over time has become one of Sydney's top food blogs with over 1000 blog posts.The weekend has approached and you have escaped the daily grind of work. The world is limitless. Through the senses of look, smell, taste; I escape through the culinary delights of Sydney eateries.  Australia is such a diverse country and I feel so lucky to be able to experience so many different cuisines.


Hello there, my name is Lisa and I started this blog in 2013. Weekend Food Escapes is a duo team of Lisa and Matt. Matt is the photographer.

I started this personal blog as I wanted to document some of my food adventures. I sincerely do feel like going to a restaurant is an escape. It's an experience, an opportunity to bond with good company over delicious food.

Since then, this blog has evolved as one of Sydney's top food blogs. I've partnered up with businesses, public relations companies and other influencers to spread the word of my personal food adventures. Weekend Food Escapes was voted as a Top Blogger nationally by the Australian Good Food Guide. You can read about it here.

You may have recently seen some of Weekend Food Escapes reviews and photos in the Daily Telegraph, on Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Zomato. You will also see blog posts being periodically being featured on the Australian Good Food Guide and Ciao Magazine.

About Lisa - Founder, Editor and Writer
I was born and bred in Sydney and have always been a foodie. I like to eat and it's an experience for me.  I work in a busy and sometimes quite stressful  job so I relish the opportunity to relax on the weekends. I eat out a lot on the weekends and it provides a nice escape. I take a lot of pleasure in sharing my food adventures because I generally have great memories in good company over food.

I think the key to happiness is balance. I love the city lifestyle, full of buzz and things to do. I also like alpacas and llamas so you might see some on my blog. They are such peaceful and soft creatures. While I have yet to travel to the native land of the Alpaca, I occasionally get to see Alpacas in Australia. This little alpaca is from the Hunter Valley (left). They make me happy. I hope they make you happy as well. And... no. I wouldn't eat an alpaca.

About Matt - Photo Man

Photo man Matt likes to eat and take photos. He's a man of mystery and few words (hence no photo of Matt). Most of my food blog photos are taken on the iphone however MW brings the proper photography to the table. MW loves Korean and Japanese BBQ and can't resist a meaty meal. MW also loves eating unique dishes and is always up for trying new food.

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All my blogs are a personal reflection of my experience. I will always disclose any invitations, gifts or sponsored posts. I will always give you my honest thoughts.

Lisa and Matt

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