My trip to Japan in April 2014 was such a culinary adventure.  I visited Toyko, Kyoto and Osaka which my seasoned friend who had been to Japan twice before.

The best ramen in the world is in Shinjuku, Japan at Menya Musashi (located at Shinjuku-ku, Nishi Shinjuku 7-2-6, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan). There will be a queue but it's worth it. Wait for as long as it takes because you will be experience a mind blowing ramen experience. Choose from the vending machine and then the chef will ask you to choose your width of noodles. I suggest you choose the thickest noodles.  The ramen is so tasty, it's the BEST ramen in the world that i've ever had.  The noodles taste so fresh and the broth is so complex in flavours. Pick the no. 1 and most popular ramen. The dipping ramen was good too but you can't pass up the best in the world.

Look for an orange flag with Japanese characters on the door! I had a lot of trouble trying to find it with no English words outside to indicate it was Menya Musashi.

Best Ramen in the world. 
I also went to a recommended sushi house in Shinjuku. I think we take a lot of fresh produce in Australia for granted. It was a good experience but I think Australia has some fantastic produce that really rivals this restaurant.
Fatty Tuna anyone?
I also went to a baseball game in Tokyo where I had some Takoyaki which was pretty good. My friend had a classic hot dog.


I also had some amazing cheesecake in Kyoto at Papa Jon's located at Shimogamominamishibacho, SakyokuKyotoKyoto Prefecture 606-0841Japan
Amazing Blueberry Cheesecake in Osaka
American Cheesecake - the original and classic
At the Mori Museum in Osaka, where there were various art exhibitions including the Andy Warhol exhibition; my friend enjoyed the very fancy Andy Warhol Sundae. Come here for a great view as well of the city! Beautiful
Andy Wolhol Exhibition in Osaka

Below are some sweets from a shop that was connected to the rail underground. So that's a quick snapshot of some of the foodie delights I enjoyed.
Toyko Sweets

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