South Coast NSW: Culburra

My friend invited a group of friends to Culburra beach for a weekend to celebrate her 30th Birthday.  I had never been to Culburra Beach before so I was looking forward to it. We rented this gorgeous house called the Pavilions House which was right on the beach.

The views were absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed relaxing on the hammock as I looked at this great view above. We took turns being sweet and gently rocking the hammock for one another. How nice <3.

The Pavilion's House has a great entertaining area inside (and out side) where the birthday girl had prepared lovely platters of cheese, dips and a few sneaky drinks. This was also the table where we played offensive (eg. cards of humanity) and non-offensive board games (cluedo).

I walked down to the beach on the very hot Saturday and there weren't many people about. The wind pushed a long the waves which made the conditions quite choppy. Some of my friends decided to brave the conditions and went swimming. I relaxed on the sand and drowned out the world. It was very relaxing.

Later on, we went for a walk by the beach shoreline and over some rocks. Being a bit of a sheltered clutz, I stumbled and took a bit more time being careful not to step on any jellyfish, seaweed and over the rocks. We saw quite a few blue bottled jellyfish (the kind that hurt you apparently). I also saw a few cuttlefish as well. My pretend gay boyfriend was kind enough to help me over the rocks but was also mean enough to force me to touch random cuttlefish.

I also got stung by a bee and I panicked because this had never happen to me before but relaxed once my friend Alison said that nothing will really happen aside it flaring up and then subsiding and itching.

It's a lovely beach! There are no life guards though so be careful in the water if you are not a strong swimmer!

Alison and Mona did a great job of baking cupcakes for the birthday girl which made for a nice surprise. We did not dine locally; instead we made the most of the beach and the birthday girl and her posse bought lots of food down to cook.

There were bunk bed as well which resembled a school camp. The beds were surprisingly comfortable in the guest house. In the main house, there is a bed upstairs which looked nice. The showers weren't great in the Pavilion House as there were no screens so the water went everywhere. Also there were wooden floors in the bathroom in the guest house which took a long time to dry. When you are sharing a bathroom with many people - it can get a bit annoying. That would be my only minor comment about the accomodation.

Overall, it was a lovely weekend because the beach was great, weather was fabulous, accommodation was nice and most of all the company was lovely!!! Happy Birthday Sef :) :)

For anyone wanting to check out the area, get lost in the sunshine, sand and water. Relax and check it out! Culburra is quite a nice beach.

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