Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mooberry, Neutral Bay

I was invited to the shop opening of Mooberry in Neutral Bay.  The opening was fashionably late and they had a lot of people.  It was very crowded at the opening. It was catered by casual eats by Sam Thai.

My friend Mel and I queued up for a frozen yoghurt.  I couldn't see a menu so as we were yelling back and forth with the staff.  The toppings look great but I was a bit concerned about hygiene as there was no screen or glass protecting the toppings. So what is the verdict on the frozen yoghurt you ask?

The coconut frozen yoghurt was refreshing. I love oreos so they went well and I like the little lychee balls. The Pomegranate Froyo was nice but tasted more like a berry Froyo.  Nothing amazeballs but it was a tasty treat.  

I ended up leaving after an hour due to the lack of personal space.  More thought should have gone into the planning and logistics of the event. Maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy!

Toppings look great but shouldn't there be a screen protecting its goodness?

Pomegranate Froyo with strawberries and lychee balls

coconut froyo with broken oreos and lychee balls

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