Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fat Buddha, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

What is going on Fat Buddha?  You have a beautiful space in QVB.  You've got a long line of customers eagerly awaiting.  There seemed to only be one trolley at the time when I was here and several tables trying to get the attention of your staff.  The dumplings were average but come with a premium price.With China town not far; you need to pick up your game.

I am highly biased and love asian food.  But I am very disappointed in you. I feel like I am a old woman lecturing a young child. Seriously! What is going on Fat Buddha!

$35 for three dishes and tea. How very expensive!!  Sorry Fat Buddha. I'm not even sure I would come back.  I'd like to give you another chance but you've already hurt me severely. My food feelings are hurt.

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  1. There are so many bad reviews of this place on blogosphere. Guess I won't be trying it!