Monday, 23 June 2014

Efendy, Balmain

Sydney, be ready to eat with your eyes in a very tasty way!  Voted Sydney's best breakfast by smh good food in 2014; Efendy delivers to it's reputation.  For $29 per person, be prepared to taste amazing breakfast treats the Turkish way.  I loved it! Make sure you book.

Start with the hot food which included sausages and a mix of menemen eggs with some bread.  The sausages and eggs had a nice dash of spice. Accompany this with the warm bread and enjoy the spreads.  Wow. It was amazing start off to this feast of a meal.

Baked Pide and breads
Pogaca, spinach-feta tepsi borek, simit
There are so many textures to explore. The crispy treats above (Pogaca, borek and simit) were delicious and balanced out by the fruit and cheese below; along with the many dips which accompanied the bread.

Apple tea

I loved this apple tea which seem to compliment everything in front of me.  I loved the curly haloumi below which was fun and tasty to eat.  The vegetables were lightly coated in a yoghurt like dressing.  I also devoured the cheese which was beautiful with the freshly baked bread.  The spreads were also great, giving you variety and made your taste buds dance. I really liked the peanut-butter like spread and the olive spread is always a winner for me.

The whole time, I was eating with my eyes and the handsomely good looking food matched the deliciousness in taste.  I loved this place!!!!

An array of fruits, curly haloumi, vegetables

Cheeses and Dips - Jersey milk clotted cream kaymak, goats cheese feta, kashkaval cheese, shanklish cheese
What a banquet. I can understand why Efendy won the award for best breakfast. I will definitely have to come back to try dinner items. Come and check it out

Costs: $29 for the banquet breakfast

Location: 79 Elliot St, Balmain
Jams, spread, honey, olives

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