Monday, 2 June 2014

Pancakes on the Rocks, North Strathfield

Are you looking for a bit of a stir fried greasy breakfast? Pan cakes on the rocks is famous for its pancakes, I know what you are thinking... soft, fluffy and thick pancakes smoothered in butter. Delish! But would you go there for breakfast? As opposed to the dessert pancakes?

The others trimmings of egg, bacon and hash brown are not what pancakes on the rocks are known for. But they do the trick if you are looking for something slightly greasy. The hash brown is the kind where it's stringy little grated pieces of potato which is fried. Kind of different to your typical McDonald's ones.

Step in if you are slightly hung over and wanting those famous pancakes

Prices below: $12-15 for breakfast; Add another $5 or so for a drink

Chai Latte and a Chocolate Milkshake

Pancakes with egg

Egg, Hashbrown and Bacon

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