Friday, 26 September 2014

Connoisseur Ice Cream, Pop up taster

Wowzer, did you manage to stop by the pop up taster launch in Surry Hills?  The pop up store showcased the new flavours of Connoisseur range.  It was a royal launch with the EMPIRE range with fancy names of Kings and Emperors.

Firstly, there's Emperor Nero which is decadent coffee, chocolate coated hazelnuts and hazelnut liquer. It was really nice and the coffee taste was not dominating, the hazelnut flavours definitely came through.

There is also Emperor Jing Zong which was my favourite which was exotic red bean with coconut. Omgz

King Cyprus of Persia was divine pistachio with cinnamon, honey and dates. This was a very popular flavour.  Finally to finish off the range is King Louis XIV, french vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes and armagnac sauce which should appeal to the Australian audiences who lllooooooveeee vanilla ice cream.

Check it out! I also very much enjoy connoisseur ice cream!

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