Monday, 29 September 2014

Yogurberry, Strathfield

Yogurberry, in Strathfield is minutes away from the station. This means you can sneak in a quick trip before you head on home.  What is the best combination of frozen yoghurt and toppings?  Look at my photos and see if you agree.

Firstly for those who haven't been to a yogurberry shop before, it's a self service store where you pick any combination of frozen yoghurt into the cup, add your toppings and they weigh your cup.

I quite liked the combination of chocolate and coconut frozen yoghurt topped with shreds of coconut and almonds.  Simple, classic flavours and different textures really make this combination work.

Another great combination was the slightly sour berry frozen yoghurt, topped with real strawberries. I also got greedy and added chocolate frozen yoghurt on the other side of cup and added cookie dough chunks, oreo cookie bits and drizzled this with dark chocolate. To top both flavours out, I added a red velvet mini cake.  Thoughts?

Prices: about $5 per cup

Location: 4 the Boulevard, Strathfield

Feeling flirty? See if you can bring your boy or girl onto the swing and lick those spoons as you swing.

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