Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Maenam Lao and Thai, Strathfield

Maenam Lao and Thai is highly rated by Strathfield food lovers at a 94% like rate. It's tough because you have high expectations when you see a high rating.

With so many options on the menu and lots of people buzzing in and out of the restaurant, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Pictured below is the the flat rice noodle with chicken, egg, cashews and vegetables at $14.50. I love thick rice noodles that are perfectly flavoured in a cashew and chilli jam sauce. It was a solid dish.

The waitress tells me that typically the pad thai, pad see ew and pad kee mao are the most popular dishes but there are enough dishes on the menu to inspire more adventurous patrons.

The red curry with beef ($14.50) looked more yellow than red but nevertheless was still delicious. Overall I'd recommend trying out Maenam Lao and Thai! It's a tasty restaurant but I suspect you'll have to come back a few times to try out their extensive menu.

I'm not sure it quite tops your green pepper corn, home thai or chat thai but it is very tasty. Check out my other thai reviews here. Happy Eating!

Prices: $20 per head

Location: 31 the boulevard, Strathfield. Roughly 3 minute walk from the station

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