Friday, 2 January 2015

Bloodwood, Newtown

Bloodwood Restaurant is a tapas type style dining experience in Newtown. The 87% like rate is reflective of the great well cooked and flavoursome food, relaxing atmosphere and customer experience. I suggest at least 2-3 dishes per person. Most of the dishes are $17-$25 so it can add up but worthwhile for that taste of a bit posh. 

Every single dish that I ordered was so very tasty. Delicious!

The polenta chips with blue cheese gorgonzola sauce ($9) are always good to start with. (Pictured above); little rectangles of perfectly cooked polenta with the naughty sauce.

The Wasabi Fried Chicken ($17) with avocado marscapone was very tasty.  It was not spicy at all but just very well cooked chicken that sat on smooth avocado marscapone. I wish there were more pieces! A little bit steep at $17 for three pieces but it was delicious (pictured below).

The seared venison with mustard glaze ($25) was served with green garlic, brussel sprouts and kumera. The flavours were amazing and the Venison was perfectly cooked. Again, if only there were more pieces of venison to devour.

Equally enjoyable was a small butter poached snapper ($24) was served with peas, garlic chives, olive oil and tea crumbs. The pea and olive oil broth really brought out the flavours of the fish.

The special one off that night (which was not on the menu) was the miso scallop ($5) which I devoured in an instant. Dessert was asian dumplings, green tea ice cream with black sesame clusters, mango pieces and coconut shavings. Dessert was great but did not quite match the food that I ordered prior.  But that's my fault - I choose the dessert!

Overall, a great experience with fantastic food, relaxing atmosphere sitting outside in their court yard and attentive customer service. A good restaurant for date or intimate catch up.

Prices: $50 or $60 per head

Location: Not far from Newtown station, 416 King St, Newtown

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