Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Redspoon Thai, Gladesville

Redspoon Thai is slightly posh Thai with two stores in Ryde and Gladesville.  There's a lot of competition with Thai in Gladesville but Redspoon is one of the higher ranked Thai places. It's 72% like rate is probably slightly too generous. I think it's popular because it's clean, good customer service and the decore is nice. I would prefer some of my other locals such as Thai Curry in West Ryde. 

The Curry Puffs (below) were $6.90 were crispy and filled with vegetables. They were solid but nothing special but exactly what I was looking for. Something crunchy to start the meal with. 

The Pork Spare Ribs ($22.90) were cut up and piled up among radish-ed vegetables. If you are looking for a substantial meat dish then do not order this dish.

I would suggest sticking to some of the other dishes.  I ordered the flat rice noodles with chili and basil with chicken ($15.90). There were generous amounts of basil. Everything else was well cooked.  Nothing too amazing. Overall the customer service was good, decore was good. Food was good but nothing too amazing.

Price: $20-$25 per head

Location: 198 Victoria Rd, Gladesville

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