Saturday, 31 January 2015

Mel's Big Family Xmas Do

My friend Mel invited me to her big family Xmas get together. With about 30 people bringing all lots of delicious food together, boy was I lucky to be at this lovely family affair. A slightly delayed post but this absolutely brings Xmas back to life. My tastebuds are dancing right now by just looking at the photos. 

The giant ham (above) which was being glazed repeatedly was succulent and delicious. It was giant sized though and I was left thinking even with 30 people, how are they going to tackle this?? There was a lot of ham left over in the end due to the enormous size.

I also tried an assortment of other delicious forms of pork and duck (below). I also enjoyed my favourite seafood - prawns with one of the Uncle's secret seafood sauce recipe.

Yummy! Thanks for the invite Mel!

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