Monday, 18 July 2016

Redforno Pizzeria and Bar, Redfern

Italian wine and food is a great way to relax on a Saturday night. I check out Redforno Pizzeria and Bar recently with a very hungry caterpillar MW who is ready to eat, drink and eat some more.

Redforno Pizzeria and Bar is located in Redfern, a short walk from Redfern station. As I enter, I see individual pieces of pizza for takeaway which look very tasty. There's quite a few big families dining in the back. I grab a stool and sit on the side of the restaurant.

The staff tell me that they have recently become licensed and have a nice range of Italian wines and beers. Apparently it was BYO before (and still is) but I didn't come prepared so I ordered some Italian wine and MW orders an organic Italian beer. Cheers mate!!

I am eyeing off the food that the head chef Giuseppe (below) is preparing. He looks focused, doesn't he!! I spoke to him later in the night and he is legit Italian.

MW and I share an entree. The Tirolese Salad (below) is full of sliced speck, rocket, bread and parmesan cheese. It's normally $13.50 however I love cheese so I ask for an additional blob of burrata cheese so this dish ends up being $20. MW loves this dish, he says he could eat it every day. He loves the meat, cheese and bread combo. 

I quite like it myself. It's very simple but that burrata cheese (mozzarella and cream combo type cheese) really just brings everything together. The meat is thinly sliced and very easy to eat. 

For those wanting a traditional salad with lots of green leaves, there's a bit of bread in this one so just be aware if you are avoiding carbs.

I eye off some of the pizzas at the other tables and I notice these adorable shaped pizzas. For the kiddies, the Smile Pizza ($10, below) is a margherita pizza but in a delightful shape. I've been told it varies in shape, sometimes a butterfly or other kid friendly shapes. 

This one is a smiley mickey mouse type pizza with olive eyes, tomato nose and rocket mouth. Very cute and at a more reasonable price.

For something a bit different, I order the Sarda pizza ($23, below) which had tuna, cherry tomatoes, onion, cheese and balsamic drizzle. I've never had tuna on a pizza before so I was curious. Apparently it's a common thing in Italy.

The tuna is not too fishy or overpowering. The balsamic glaze is a bit sweet so it gels well with the cheese, tuna and onion. This pizza is not your typical pizza but it's quite a nice change. The pizza base is well balanced, not too heavy but enough to be satisfying. Perfecto. Definitely worth ordering if you are curious!

Reforno, you have made me very full after the Tirolese salad entree and the mains of the margherita kids and sarda pizza. I love Italian food, it's very satisfying. MW is in heaven.

I order a glass of prosecco and cleanse my palette. I like prosecco, it's growing on me even though I usually go for heavy and full bodied red wines. I'm too full so the prosecco is enough for me. 

MW has other ideas and is keen on dessert.

So MW orders the tiramisu ($12, below). He basically breathes this in as it disappears very quickly. I manage to get one spoonful to taste. It's quite nice, not too strong on the coffee and the lady fingers are soft and sweet. Recommended.

Overall, I had a nice experience at Redforno Pizzeria. Great joint for tasty pizzas and I definitely recommend you choose something with that Burrata cheese. It's very addictive. 

It's a tiny restaurant so if you want to dine in, I suggest getting there early to get a table. Great Saturday night with MW. 

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of Ompty. All photos, words and opinions are my own.

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