Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sokyo, Breakfast, Pyrmont

Sydney Syders are raving about the Soyko breakfast and I had food envy so I promptly make a booking and check it out. 
Sometimes MW and I like to go all out buffet style for breakfast. It makes for such a nice way to start the day. Sokyo is located in Pyrmont, near the Star casino. I suggest heading in early at 7am for street parking. 

Sokyo has a few options when it comes to breakfast. You can choose
1. One hot main for $22.5
2. Full buffet for $28
3. One hot main and full buffet for $38

Naturally, MW and I went for option 3. Oh yeaaaahhh!!! Let's go baby. We look at the menu so we can decide on which mains to choose. 

After reading so many blogs about how delicious the eggs benedict is, I choose that one immediately. The dish arrives and it looks beautiful. I don't really want to touch this piece of art but out of hunger and practicality I break into that egg (ooh below). The egg is perfectly poached and is coated in hollandaise sauce. The dish is is a bit sweet with the brioche bread and hollandaise however it's easily balanced out with some fruit from the buffet. Lovely.

MW has a serious sweet tooth so naturally he picks the main that is actually a dessert. It's a lamington with yuzu, red bean paste, watermelon and matcha.

The lamington is dense and will please lamington lovers as it does hit you with that coconut flavour.

So let's get to the buffet. Where do we start?

There's a huge fruit platter and little yoghurts to choose from. I notice star fruit and pomegranate which is unique. I love kiwi fruit so I make a mental note to come back.

Across from the fruit is little boxes of cereal and an assorted tray of milk. I give this area a miss. There's also an area of juices of apple or orange. I pick up a jar of orange juice. 

There's a massive pot of congee cooking with sides of fried bread, spring onion and others. This is the only other hot option from the buffet. I have some congee and it's really nice with the crunchy fried bread in it. It's very homely. It's well flavoured.

Save room for the smoked salmon which is my favourite. The salmon tastes fresh and goes well with some cheese and crackers. I have a bit of salmon with a side of cheese.

You can also get fancy toast with butter. I skip the toast but I do get some cheese and crackers. There's a platter of nuts and crackers next to the cheese platter as well if you love nuts.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will be in for a treat with cruffins, chocolate croissants, tarts, mochis and muffins galore. It's a bit too much sugar for me but I did end up trying a bit of the tart, cruffin and also a muffin.

All the pastries and sweet foods taste fresh. There are some asian themes in the buffet with yuzu curd muffin and green mochi.

It's hard to walk by past the nutella cruffin without having a lot of curiosity and a bit of drool. I personally prefer cronuts but who can resist a nutella cruffin? I grab out and enjoy the nutella.

I didn't touch any of the meats but there's a selection if that takes your fancy. Instead I opt to try some of the soba noodles with the dashi sauce. It's nice if you want to eat more carbs.

The little pots of soba noodles are tiny so you may have to grab a few if you are a soba noodle fan.

Overall, the buffet is incredibly YUMMY. I loved the array of food. The buffet is full of delicious sweet tarts, muffins, cruffins, mochis and fruit. It's great if you have a sweet tooth. I would avoid ordering the lamington given the large array of sweet dishes in the buffet. The breakfast main of eggs benedict was delicious. I think the brioche bread was a bit too sweet for me though.

Price: $40 pp includes choice of coffee/hot chocolate

Location: 80 Pyrmont rd, Pyrmont, Ground floor of the Star

Opening Hours: Breakfast available 7am to 10:30am

Summary: Lisa's Rating: Check it out if you love Breakfast and asian flavours
Food: 8/10 for breakfast buffet
Customer Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Sokyo Restaurant - The Darling at the Star Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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