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Kobe Jones, King St Wharf

Kobe Jones sits nicely in King St Wharf with water views. Kobe Jones has an upmarket menu however you will often see special set menus, groupon deals and other ways to get more of a reasonably priced meal.

Kobe Jones is located in King St Wharf. Entry is via lime st at the back. MW and I walk in and am immediately hoping I get a nice table by the water. Fortune comes our way and we have a nice table with a gorgeous sun lit view of the water.

As MW has various allergies to seafood, we decide to order off the a la cart menu. As I've ordered through First Table, I know I'll be getting a discount at the end anyway, although the set menus look like they are the best for value (if you have no allergies).

So let's start with the food!! The first thing that caught my attention on the menu was the sashimi on wasabi sorbet. I've never had wasabi sorbet before so I was very curious! The sashimi on wasabi sorbet ($29.50) is served up in a bowl with 3 pieces of salmon, 3 of kingfish and 3 of tuna. The sashimi is very fresh and thickly sliced. 

The wasabi sorbet is surprisingly refreshing and complements the sashimi well. It's a weird sensation really and worth trying. I really like the creativity in this dish. I really liked this dish although $30 for 9 pieces of sashimi is very much on the pricey end although the quality is superb (as MW pointed out to me).

The next dish I tasted was the calamari with yuzu sauce ($16.50). This is another unique sounding dish as I've never had yuzu with octopus before. There is  light battered calamari in the box. The batter makes up most of each bite with a small portion of calamari within. A greater calamari to batter ratio would significantly improve this dish. There's a nice crunch to it otherwise.

The little spoon bowl has octopus tentacles which has been marinated in the yuzu sauce. This is the winning component of this dish as the yuzu sauce works so well with the octopus and is so delightful to eat. It's sweet, fruity and does not overpower the natural taste of the octopus. I think the yuzu and octopus is a winning combination.

Next up is one of the grazing plates which is designed for two people. I order the Miso Macadamia Patagonean cod ($48.50). The cod sits on a bed of green vegetables.

Upon the first bite, the miso macadamia cod is quite pleasant to eat with a nice flavour of miso along with the fish which has been cooked well (still moist and flakey) however as I continue to eat the dish there is a strange residual plastic taste left in my mouth. I stop eating after a few bites. 

MW and I love karaage chicken so we had to order this dish ($16.90). The dish comes with 5 pieces of crispy chicken and is served up with a side of chilli mayo and soy sauce.  This dish is great and very well cooked. I only wished there was more chicken that came with this dish.

MW also eyes off the "Japanese meat pie" aka Wagyu Shi Shu. This dish ($39.90) contains a red wine marinated brisket with carrot, potatoes and is topped with puffed pastry. It's also accompanied with rice, seaweed, radished carrot and jalapenoes. Watch below as MW smashes into the pie

I always love a bit of food theatre and I really like the dish. The brisket is so tender and the crisp puffed pastry is a way to provide contrast in texture. It in many ways was a Japanese Meat Pie to me but in a much more sophiscated way. I highly recommend ordering this dish.

If you are a dessert fan like MW, you probably are instantly curious about the dessert platter ($38). It comes with panna cotta shots, cheesecake, macaroons, chocolate bombs and a green tea creme brulee. 

Personally, there was too much going on for me and I would have preferred just to order one dessert however you gotta please the other half sometimes especially when he has such a sweet tooth. My fave of the lot was the cheesecake. MW enjoyed the macaroons and the cheesecake the most.

Summary: Kobe Jones has really nice decore with great views.  I think this would be a really nice place to take a date or some international guests.There are some unique and stunning dishes - I highly recommend the sashimi with wasabi sorbet, yuzu calamari, wagyu shi shu. 

I was not a fan of the miso cod or the dessert platter however that was personal preference!  

The upmarket location will mean a more premium price attached but if you do your research and book with first table or go with a set menu then you'll find more value. 

Price: For me, on this occasion, I got 50% off my food bill so it was $95 for two excluding drinks

Location: 29 Lime St, King St Wharf

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri - 12pm to 3pm, Mon to Thur 6pm to late, Fri to Sun 5:30pm to late

Weekend Food Escapes dined anonymously as guests of First Table. All photos, words and opinions are my own.

The Green Tea creme Brulee is below

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