Monday, 6 March 2017

Koi Dessert, Chippendale

I have a massive crush on masterchef Reynold. So after waiting for the queues to slow down, I check out Koi Dessert. in Chippendale. I managed to get a booking for dinner.

My friend had recently been there and gave me some advice after trying their set dinner menu. She said that there were some great dishes and not so great  dishes and she left hungry so much that she went to Spice Alley for a second dinner. With that in mind, I take her advice to make the most of the bread provided.  This is a delayed blog post and please note the set dinner menu changes frequently.

Koi Dessert don't have their liquor license yet so I recommend being prepared and bringing your own bottle. BYO is $3 corkage per person. I wasn't quite prepared so I ordered some non-alcoholic drinks including the $8.5 Ice Lemon Tea and the Mandarin Blood Orange with torched meringue $8.5. The drinks are quite nice and creative.

In terms of the actual food, I started to see what my friend was saying about portion size and leaving still hungry so I take up the offer of additional bread.

The first dish is the gulai which is a rice cracker with fish floss. It's a nice and light snack to start.

Next up is the smokey eggplant, prawn and eggplant broth. There's also a mix up when MW is served up prawns even though we explicitly stated he was allergic. Luckily as I was taking a photo, I noticed the prawn. The dish is quite nice especially the broth although tiny in portion.

Next up is the main which is beef two ways. It's seared wagyu with braised beef shank and charred eggplant. I am not really a fan of raw looking meat so I give most of this dish to MW. I like the charred eggplant sauce.

Next up are the desserts. The first is a cleanser dessert with watermelon granita with mandarin, strawberry balsamic and mint sherbert. I like the refreshing textures and flavours.

Next up is the "Boonana". I wasn't a fan of this dessert as I felt like it was a clash of flavours. The smoked banana gelato was almost savoury - lacking an expected sweetness. The other components were nice but didn't quite please the palette with the savoury tasting gelato.

In addition to the set menu, there's an optional additional course for $20 which is the Moss. This was probably the best dessert of the night for me.  There's the pistachio mousse, caramel gel, white chocolate matcha, pistachio sponge, matcha moss, apple blossom jelly and nitro lime and yoghurt and green apple. I like the subtle matcha flavours and the different textures. MW is not quite a a fan as he wants more sweetness to the dishes. 

The final dish is a deconstructed cheesecake which was alright. As this is the final dish, I feel quite underwhelmed overall with my experience. Perhaps I had too high of expectations as I have a crush on Renyold. I was hoping to be blown away as I was after leaving Lumi

Summary: Overall I have to agree with my friend that there were a few hits and a few misses. I thought the creativity was amazing and the dishes looked amazing however the most important part - the taste was a bit mixed.  

Price: $77 + $20 additional dish for the set dinner menu (per person)

Location: 46 Kensington St, Chippendale

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm daily except Monday 

Weekend Food Escapes independently paid for this meal. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

KOI Dessert Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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