Thursday, 9 March 2017

Taste Food Tours - Part 2

This is part 2 of my review of the Taste Food Tour: Global Explorer tour. Did you catch Part 1 here. The next part of the tour begins in a short walk for a light brunch to Shandeez Restaurant. The Persian Restaurant or Modern-Day Iranian restaurant is a short walk from our last venue.

Stop three of the Taste Food Tour is a Persian Restaurant. Shandeez Restaurant has lots of decorations on the wall so our tour group looks up at the walls at the paintings and big clothes. The tables and chairs look like they have a rug pattern.

Fabian, our tour leader of the Taste Food Tour, orders a few dishes to share amongst the group. He explains that a large part of Persian cuisine is the rice. The rice is the main and the protein is like the side to the dish.

I enjoy some flat bread with the garlic sauce, along with shared platters of meat and rice. This dish below is a favourite among the group. The Shandeez Special is $20 and has a combination of chicken, lamb mince and lamb fillet kebabs with rice. 

I also enjoy the lamb with rice dish (with flavoursome broth) and there was a chicken dish with a mildly spicy broth as well. From there, we take a break and go shopping.

Our tour group goes for a short walk to the Chase Supermarket and Deli. This supermarket is a diverse place with produce from South America, the middle east and more common brands that you may see such as Nutella or condensed milk. 

There's a main bar with lots of dried fruits, nuts and an olive area with huge buckets of olives. There's also an array of bright coloured socks.

I also notice some slag desserts (below, hehe) which looked tempting. MW also eyes off some chocolate as well. In our tour group, there's a nice group that reside from the Blue Mountains whom bought a bunch of products as they don't have access to this nearby. I feel so grateful for the many diverse products I have access to nearby my home town.

The time looking around the shop is enjoyable as we need a break from eating. I'm really enjoying my Taste Food Tour. There's two more stops so stay tuned for part 3 of the Global Explorer Tour as part of the Taste Food Tours.

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