Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pizza Autentico, Surry Hills

Pizza Autentico is a popular venue for a reasonably priced dinner with a lot of variety! For $20 within 90 minutes, you can eat to your heart's content on pizza and pasta.
Matt and I walk in the cold winter weather in hunger and seek warm refuge within Pizza Autentico. It's so lovely and cosy inside. We are seated at a large commune table and Johnny,  the friendly owner and front of house reminds us of the deal.

The Pizza Autentico Deal
For 90 minutes (at $20) you are given a token which indicates whether you want pizza/pasta or not (similar to Brazilian churassco)
  • Green - Bring on the food
  • Red - No more please
  • Side up - I need a break. 

But first let's get a drink. Lovely Italian Beers and Wines are available and you can also order a side salad (which is an additional). Matt and I decide on a burrata salad (below).

The Burrata cheese is a creamy and soft cheese that sits on a bed of tomato and is topped with basil. It's quite a refreshing side dish to the up-coming pasta and pizza.

Let the meal begin. The first dish that is being shared on the dish is a pizza with tomato, peas and cheese. I sprinkle a bit of chilli on the pizza and enjoy the thin and crispy base.

Next up is a plain margherita pizza which is covered in cheese again on a thin and crispy base. So simple but so delicious. 

The first pasta dish is the spicy penne also known as arrabiata pasta.  It's got a nice mild kick but you can always add a bit of cheese to mellow out the spicy flavours if it's too much for you. Matt devours the next dish which is the pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni is delicious and slightly crispy at the edges.

My favourite dish of the night is the four cheese gnocchi. The silky smooth cheese sauce is so delicious and creamy. The gnocchi is light on the tongue. This dish is addictive.

My second favourite dish of the night is puttanesca pasta which has really earthy olive and caper flavours. I really love olives so a puttanesca is naturally salty and strong in flavour.

I'm starting to get full at the 7th dish which is the 4 cheese pizza. I can't resist though as I love the mix of cheesey flavours on the crispy thin bread. It's creamy and oh so cheesey.

Matt can still eat and powers on. I gingerly put my token onto red. It's been about 70 minutes so I have not lasted the 90 minutes in total. Matt looks determined on the other hand.

Matt powers through and eats this mushroom and ham pizza and also the proscuitto pizza. There's a large piece of proscuitto on the pizza with rocket.

He also magically eats through the pork sausage pizza although there's only a small piece of pork on that pizza but Matt enjoys the simplicity of all the pizza slices. I feel full as I watch him eat.

Matt finally resigns in this final pasta dish - the bow tie mushroom pasta. 

Summary: My 2nd time at Pizza Autentico and I really enjoy the large variety of the food. It's so simple but so delicious. I have found that I can't make the full 90 minutes - consistently getting full at the 70 minute mark. My fave dishes are the 4 cheese gnocchi and pizza and also the pasta puttanesca 

Price: $20 for 90 minutes - drinks and salads are additional

Location: 15 Brisbane St, Surry Hills (Just off Oxford St)

Opening Hours: 5:30pm to 10pm daily, also open for Friday lunch from 12pm to 2:30pm

Weekndfoodescapes dined as guests of Ompty. All words, opinions and photos are my own.
Pizza Autentico Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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