Saturday, 1 July 2017

Grill'd, Penrith

While Grill'd is not necessarily the best burger joint in Sydney, I have to say that I have a very consistent experience regardless of which Grill'd venue I go to. I check out the Penrith store for a quick lunch to see if it's a consistent experience. This is a delayed blog post.
I had bought Matt an experience gift which was located out west in Penrith so on our way home, we decide to grab a quick burger for lunch. We headed to Grill'd which is located just outside of the shopping centre.

We head to the counter to order and decide to have a cheeky alcoholic drink with our burger. The poor teenage girl who was serving us looked very young and called out to her manager who had a RSA so we could get served.

Matt is feeling experimental and orders the "Black with the lot" which is a crumbed schnitz that is crumbed with an activated charcoal. It's also topped with bacon, tasty cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and sweet mayo. He says it's a decent burger but the charcoal schnitz doesn't really add to anything and he prefers just a normal schnitz.

I go for something a bit more simple and I order a Simply Grill'd with cheese. There's nothing wrong with keeping with the original favourite.  The burger is a decent burger and tastes consistent with all the other Grill'd burgers I've had. I'm dying for some chips to accompany my burger but somehow Matt influences me and wants to try the zucchini chips.

So we share some zucchini fries but I have to admit - I don't like them. The mildly crispy coating and super soft inside is not enjoyable for me to eat. I will never order this again.

Summary: I have to say, I've had a really consistent experience with Grill'd. I've always encountered really friendly and attentive staff and the burgers are consistent. It's a nice spot for a quick burger that's better than your average maccas burg.

Price: $10-15 per burg.

Location: 585 High St, Penrith

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Weekend Food Escapes dined anonymously and independently paid for this meal. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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