Monday, 24 July 2017

Taisho Wagyu Japanese BBQ, Zetland

Taisho Wagyu Japanese BBQ is the newest restaurant to hit Zetland and I predict that the locals will absolutely love this place which is their second venue in Sydney. They also have other Japanese favourites on their menu.
Matt and I are really lucky to join the FCBA crew to celebrate their 2nd anniversary with my fellow passionate food blogger and reviewer friends at Taisho Wagyu Japanese BBQ. 

Taisho Wagyu Japanese Restaurant is located outside on the main strip of restaurants in the East Lakes shopping centre at Zetland. It's quite a modern looking restaurant with lots of natural light from the big windows.

We start our delicious meal with a sashimi salad ($16.80) with lotus chips and citrus dressing. It's light and full of lightly marinated tuna, salmon and prawn sashimi. I really like Japanese style salads as they are quite balanced in flavour and there's a subtle sweetness to the dressing.

Alternatively you could go for the assorted deluxe sashimi ($34.80, 15pc) which is full of fresh kingfish, salmon, tuna, scallops and fish. The sashimi is fresh and perfect with a touch of wasabi and soy sauce. I absolutely love sashimi.

As a treat Nocton Vinyard is providing wines at this FCBA event. I enjoy a nice glass of pinot noir. The pinot is going to be the perfect partner to the Japanese BBQ meat coming up.
Being a light to medium bodied wine, this wine is probably best matched with the variety of seafood and red meat that I'll be eating tonight. It's fruity aromas are intoxicating and I take another sip. Delicious.

Chicken Kaarage ($9.80) is always a winner and the crunchy coating with light lanes of mayonnaise is quickly demolished at my table. Christie has a closer look at a pink part of the chicken but it looks fine to eat.

There's also the Assorted tempura ($14.80)  and it's always fun guessing what the tempura is. I eat the prawn tempura which is always my favourite as I love prawns. The batter is quite light and delightful to eat. The others eat the battered vegetables including an odd shaped enokitake mushroom tempura. 

Another favourite when I go to Japanese BBQ is the gyoza. These gyozas were perfect as they were slightly crunchy on the bottom and soft, moist and delicious in filling with a silky skin. I eat the gyozas in a light soy sauce but am tempted by the sesame oil as well. Highly recommended.

OK so after all those delicious entrees that I have shared - it's time to fire up the Japanese BBQ. The Japanese BBQ is such a great experience as it's very interactive way and everybody can participate. Matt particularly LOVES Japanese BBQ because of the smokey meat and you can cook the meat to your heart's desire - whether that be quite rare, medium or well done. The meat sizzles and everyone's eyes light up at the smell of sizzling meat. It's delicious!  I really enjoy all the cuts of meat and Matt particularly seems very satisfied.

I also enjoy some buttery corn and grilled mushrooms as a side to the meat. 

Summary: Taisho Wagyu Japanese BBQ will delight the locals of Zetland with their fresh produce. My favourite dishes were the sashimi, gyoza and of course - the Japanese BBQ experience. Why not check it out today?

Happy Anniversary to the amazing people at FCBA and all their amazing members. I had a great experience.

Price: Approx $50 per person

Location: Shop 3, 2a Defries Ave, East Village Shopping Centre, Zetland

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of FCBA. All photos, opinions and words are my own.

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