Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sparrow's Mill, Taste Food Tours - Part 4

Next stop on the Taste Food Tour is a visit to the Sussex Centre Food Court. The group are all big fans of Korean Fried Chicken. I have been to the Sussex centre food court a few times and have often been tempted to head to Sparrow's Mill Express as it's famous for it's Korean fried chicken. I've had the pleasure of tasting this chicken in Strathfield before.
Our tour leader talks through some of the different cuisines in the food court and also points to the stall where they sell alcohol. I am always amused by the thought of drinking wine or beer in a food court but it's quite common in Asia.

As we've sampled lots of food so far on the Taste Food Tour from Petaling (Malaysian), Emperor's Puff (Dessert), Topotea (Chinese tea ceremony) - we order one dish to share with the group - the Original Fried Chicken. The fried chicken has a crunchy coating and is boneless. The flesh has been cooked well but has maintained a good chicken moisture for taste. I dip the chicken in the sweet chilli sauce.

We all finish off with a few pieces of radish which I love. It's always refreshing with a slightly subtle sour taste. This is now making me want to have a full meal of Korean Fried Chicken although I'm starting to run out of stomach room and I know there's a few more stops to go.

After our chicken, our tour group walks along Chinatown and our tour guide leads us down an alley of artwork. The "Glowing Blue Cupids" located in Kimber Lane which has been created by Chinese/Aboriginal artist Jason Wing. How fascinating!  Our tour leads gives us more information about history of Chinatown and this art work.

We also stop by to look at the large mural of Jenny Munro who is an Elder Aboriginal who is leading the protest of the development in Redfern. She founded the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Redfern. What a gorgeous art work. 

One final stop on the Taste Food Tour...

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