Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Two Sis Cafe, Pyrmont

Two Sis Cafe is a little venue in Pyrmont. I head here with a group of foodies as part of the FCBA crew. I love a good brunch so was eager to satisfy those tastebuds this particular Sunday.

As all the foodies sit down outside, we are treated to a number of drinks. There's a turmeric latte, blue matcha latte and a rose pink latte. There's also a number of cold fruity looking drinks where you pour in a colourful liquid and it will actually change the colour of the drink.

I skip all the fancy drinks and go for a frappe. I go for the Lychee Perfection and Matt goes for the Funky Berry. The Lychee Perfection Frappe is a cold and icey drink with Lychee, mint, kiwi and lime flavours. It's incredibly refreshing and I love lychee so this was definitely the drink for me.

Now for the food. First off is the Grilled Chicken Sambo ($10) which has two large pieces of marinated chicken (with Turmeric Malaysian flavours) and sits on a bed of salad. The chicken is full of flavour and is delicious. This might be a nice dish to share or if you are looking for a lighter lunch.

Matt and I also taste the Cheese Burger ($16.50) which comes with a side of sweet potato chunks. The cheeseburger has the traditional mix of flavours of American cheese, ketchup, bacon, mustard and onion. The sweet potato chips are more like really thick sweet potato chunks. I quite like the other brunch dishes so I only eat taste the burger.

One of my favourite dishes for the day was the Quinoa Goreng ($16). This dish is served up with tumeric chicken, quinoa, chilli, garlic and kale. It's a modern, fresher adaptation of the traditional Nasi Goreng. It's also topped with a fried egg. This is a healthy version and taste a lot lighter than a typical fried rice goreng version. The kale really adds to the texture of the dish and we all agree it's tasty.

If chicken is not your cup of tea then perhaps you may like the Poached Salmon and Egg salad ($12). There's crunchy snow peas, salad leaves and poached eggs along with the salmon. This is another lighter lunch option or I could suggest you also share this one. The salmon is served up in little chunks.

One of other favourite dishes for the day is a special, The Wild Mushroom ($16.50). This dish has truffle oiled mushrooms on a bed of cream cheese on sour dough, boiled egg, crunchy cheese and beetroot puree. The mushrooms were so flavoursome and delicious. I wish I had this dish to myself. I hope this dish finds itself on the permanent menu.

For something a bit sweeter, why not order the French Toast ($18.50) which has crunchy brioche, fresh berries, nuts and is topped with fairy floss. It's beautifully presented and is addictive. It's delicious however the next dish was my favourite dessert.

Matt captures a few great moments of everyone taking photos. A lot of people walking by stop and stare at us and we even have a woman approach us to ask about the drinks on the table.

The special of Matcha Pancakes ($18.50) is served up with fresh berries, dragon fruit and a caramelised banana. The matcha pancakes has a nice amount of cream to add for texturally contrast. The pancakes were sweet and not bitter at all. I would highly recommend.

Summary: I wished I had a cafe like this nearby my house! I'm jealous of the locals of Pyrmont. My favourites were the wild mushroom on sourdough and matcha pancakes.

You also can't go wrong with that Quinoa Goreng or the chicken salad. I would recommend for brunch with friends.

Price: Most dishes are $10-20

Location: 306 Harris St, Pyrmont. A short stroll from Darling Harbour

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm
Weekends: 7:30am to 5pm

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of the venue or their representatives. All photos, opinions and words are my own.
Two Sis & Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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