Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sabu Restaurant and Bar, Parramatta

Sabu Restaurant and Bar in Parramatta is something different in Church St. Sabu is now the place in Parramatta for Japanese Tapas. For Happy Hour Tapas, go on a Friday night and order between 5pm to 7pm. So Friday Night Dinner would be perfection for a bargain meal.

Sabu Restaurant and Bar is not really a traditional Japanese restaurant. I would say it's more a modern fusion restaurant. 78% like rate on urbanspoon is right on the ball.

I ordered the King Fish Carpaccio ($10 in happy hour) which was not bad but I do miss the traditional flavours of zesty lemon with Carpaccio type dishes. The fish sauce for the king fish did not quite work for me and this dish is normally $16.

The Karaage Chicken Roll was nice and well put together (pictured below). I would recommend ordering this dish of crumbed chicken, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise and tempura crunch in a rice roll. It's normally $16 outside of happy hour.

The Momo dumplings ($10 in happy hour and normally $12) were steamed dumplings with wagyu mince, onion and coriander with Achar (an indian pickle).  They were very different and unique. I haven't had dumplings like these before. Worth a try if you like the look of them.

I definitely recommend the tuna tataki salad ($10 in happy hour, normally $18) which is a small portion of slightly seared tuna loin coated with sesame seeds (about 7 pieces in total) with soba noodles with coriander and dressing. The noodles were peanut -like and I really enjoyed all the components together.

For dessert, "Snow" pictured below ($16) was pistachio and matcha (green tea) crumbs, yuzu parfait, pistachio ice cream and pine foam. It was not bad. I would be tempted to skip dessert and go to Gelato Messina instead but for something different, I would suggest trying their desserts!

Parramatta is not known for any great Japanese-Fusion Restaurants so I think Sabu is probably going to be the highlight moving forward. Check it out!

Prices: $30 per person. Probably more outside of happy hour

Location: 321 Church St, Parramatta

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Olive Bar and Grill, Hornsby

66% is an appropriate like rate for the Olive Bar and Grill. Breakfast is at a very reasonable price and is a good alternative if you don't feel like cooking yourself. There was nothing amazing but sometimes you just need a consistent eatery at a reasonable price. You can get your classics so I got toast, two poached eggs ($6.50) and a hash brown ($extra $1.50). Everything was cooked well and the poached eggs were perfectly running on the inside.

For the more hungry, you may opt for the big brekkie. At $12.90, I thought this was a very reasonably priced breakfast. With fried eggs, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, mushroom and toast. The bacon could have been more crispy but all the other components were well cooked.

Prices: $10ish for breakfast

Location: Just outside Hornsby Westfield, Shop 2031 Florence St, Hornsby

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Grounds of Alexandria (Altrium), Keep it fresh launch

The Altrium @ the Grounds of Alexandria was the venue for the Glad Keep it Fresh Launch. I thought the breakfast was beautifully presented. So here are some pictures to show off the breakfast.

Fruit platter of many colours and fruits :)

Eggs, tomato, zucchini in a pan

Naughty Naughty pastries.

Cityexperts, A Google Event

City Experts is a great club to be part of. Each month, google reviewers who review over 50 reviews and 5 each month are considered City Experts and are invited to an exclusive event.  The November City Expert event was held at the Bucket List in Bondi.

This event was fantastic with google having a mechanical surf board, a make your own gelato messina stand and make your own dukka stand!  Naturally, there were drinks and delicious food by the Bucket List as well. 

The Bucket List was the perfect venue for the City Expert Event. Good food amongst the very beautiful scenic background. Given the Bucket List were catering for hundreds of people, I was very impressed.

The Sliders were perfection. I quite enjoyed the beef sliders and on their normal menu, you can get 3 for $20 which I think is a bit pricey but consistent with the location. They also had buckets of fish and chips which were also very delicious and are normally $27 which was very pricey for the portions.

What a view though (below); I can just imagine tourists who imagine coming to the stereotypical Australian beach who will not be disappointed with this view at the Bucket List.

Gelato Messina always delivers... I had to share my photo below of Vanilla and Raspberry Gelato, tim tam and brownie (below). Yum!

I love City Expert Events and this one was very well organised. I had a great time!

Please note: I am a City Expert and attended this event.

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Green Peppercorn, Fairfield

I would come back but I think on this occasion it was just an off night. I had such fond memories of my first adventure there. Normally, I'd agree with their 75% like rate. I had an amazing experience last time I went to Green Peppercorn but the second time round, it wasn't as good. The dessert was quite pleasant and the only highlight.

The above flat rice cashew noodle with chicken just didn't quite have the right mix of flavours in its sauce. There were large chunks of inedible herbs that I didn't quite enjoy. Very disappointing given I had the same dish last time and it was great.

I also ordered the crispy noodles with beef (below). A traditionally Chinese dish but a favourite for many. It was a good dish but awkwardly presented. The copious amount of gravy sauce really drowned the bottom of the plate and the noodles above really struggled to get any balance of sauce.

The Pandan Creme Brulee was the only highlight of this particular meal. (Pictured below); with bright green colours; it was perfect in flavours and textures. It was soft and gooey at the bottom with a hard sugary top. A great dessert.

Prices: about $15 per main

Location: 1 Hamilton Rd, Fairfield

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Three Williams, Redfern

The very trendy warehouse restaurant 'Three Williams' in Redfern fills up quickly so get there early to be prepared to wait. I hate waiting! The atmosphere was quite homely and fresh. I quite liked the feature branch which hangs from the ceiling when you enter.

The very refreshing lemon iced tea with mint ($5ish) was el natural with very limited sweetness so I assume less sugar than your bottled iced teas. All their shakes are very tasty and packed of flavour ($8).  You can taste the milk and ice cream, which is delicious. 

The Merchant ($13) was the a fried egg with sprinkles of chili and spring onion, bacon, pickled slaw, ranch dressing on a bioche bun (below). It's what you would want if slightly hung over. It was consistent and a nice tangent on the traditional bacon and egg roll. The better choice on the day was the corn fritters though. 

The Corn Fritters ($18) below was served with bacon, sausages, tomato and capsicum salsa on top with potatoes and a touch of sour cream. This was a winner because it was just so homely and filling. The different elements of corn fritter with different textures of crunch from the bacon and potato with the tomato and capsicum salsa just worked really well. A great breakfast.

Prices: $11-18 for breakfast mains

Location: 613 A Elizabeth St, Redfern. Street Parking wasn't too bad to find. Get there early though.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Assembly Bar, Sydney

Assembly Bar has two sides - a dark and dingey bar on the inside and green, fake grass with plastic plant walls and doors as tables in a picnic style operation on the outside. It caters for a quiet chat outside in the fake picnic environment or a flirty date inside in trendy dark corners with couches.

I caught up with an old mentor of mine which always helps when you have good company. We drank glasses of Holy Trinity Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre which was very easy to drink over old stories and memories over the ten years that we've known each other.

For a change, I ate at Assembly with delicious sliders and a side of fries.  The sliders ($5) each varied in pork burgers, vegetarian (tomato, cheese) and the crumbed lamb. They were quick, easy, bites to eat. A great snack.

The chips are what you expect at a bar, the truffle aioli was very watery. When I first came here, it was beautifully thick and full of truffle flavour. A bit disappointing but it didn't stop me from devouring the chips.

I'm a regular here, having regular chats to the barman who is studying engineering and often talks about the challenges of getting an internship.

Prices: Sliders were $5 each, chips were $9 from memory

Location: Bottom of Regent Place aka under KFC on George st near Town Hall. 488 Kent St, Sydney 

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