Friday, 24 October 2014

Our Place on Darling, Balmain

Our Place on Darling is a very homely feeling restaurant.  The meals taste very homely and fulfilling but a touch nicer than a home cooked meal.

Try your best to find some parking near Our Place on Darling! Balmain is not the most parking friendly place but it will be worth it. As always, Our Place on Darling starts with complimentary shots of soup.

For mains, I chose the gnocchi ($23) which is described as 'our' feta and chive gnocchi, roast beetroot, goats cheese, walnuts and crispy kale.  I could could taste every element in this dish.

The gnocchi was perfect, soft on the inside, a little bit firm on the outside and very easy to eat. I did enjoy all the textures in this dish but it did leave me a bit thirsty. I think it's missing a component, the flavour combinations of goat cheese, beetroot and crispy kale definitely worked. Very tasty. Give it a go!

My partner had one of the specials which was the English Sunday roast. A very homely meal of roast beef covered in gravy, roast potatoes, wedges, beans and onion. It also had a yorkshire pudding which was also covered in gravy. Delicious! Perfect for a Sunday night.

I quite love dessert at Our Place on Darling.  I had the Churros ($11) which had vanilla ice cream, a pot of chocolate sauce and strawberries. They were a bit soft when you bit into them so they could have used a few more minutes of cooking. The $12 Sticky toffee pudding was perfection. The pudding was covered in a salted caramel sauce and almond praline. A must try.

Worthy of it's 86% like rate on urbanspoon, check out Our place on Darling!

Prices: About 40 per head plus drinks

Location: 225 Darling St, Balmain

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bluefin Sushi, Chatswood

The 74% like rate on Urbanspoon is too generous unfortunately.  It's probably the second worst sushi train that I've been to but it does have convenience on it's side - being located right near the cinemas in Chatswood's Westfields. My worst experience is here.

I don't think the sushi is fresh and the rice is a bit stale. I think maybe the sushi stays on the train for too long. As I was limited on time before my movie, I thought I would try one of their mains. I saw the chefs microwaving the eel before putting it on the rice. The eel tasted very much like it came from the microwave. I ate a few spoonfuls out of desperate hunger and went to my movie!

Give this one a miss if you can.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Chai Shop, North Sydney

For Indian Flavours but on the lighter side, I ordered the chicken tikka, naan bread and small salad combo at the Chai Shop in North Sydney.  The Chai Shop is located in North Sydney's Greenwood plaza in the upstairs food court. It's always bustling and I always see massive trays of curries and satisfied customers.

The chicken and plain naan went very well together. He also gave me to dollops of sauce which were very chili. Maybe too spicy for me. Nice for a lighter, quick Indian lunch at $11 with a bottle of water. Maybe one day, I will get the larger trays of curries with naan.  It just seems like a very large meal!

Prices: $10-14 for lunch

Location: Upstairs at Greenwood Plaza located at 36 Blue St, North Sydney

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kefi Souvlaki and Pizza Bar, Kingsgrove

Gyro. Pronounced "yeeros", the very popular and brother of the kebab will send all sorts of foodgasms throughout your body.  Kefi's is located nearby the Kingsgrove Train Station so it's very accessible if you're on the train or car parking isn't too bad in suburban Kingsgrove.

Bloggers will talk about former chefs of Perama and Xanthi bringing their special touch to Kefi's. I never had the pleasure of tasting the pork belly, baklava flavours at Perama but I'm very fortunate to enjoy the pork belly baklava gyro at $9.50.  What a unique sounding gyro!

The pork belly baklava gyro (bottom left) had slow roasted pork belly, a date and pistachio paste and parts of baklava goodness. There is a light mayonnaise that brings everything together.  Delicious and unique!!!!!

Nothing beats your traditional lamb gyro. The $8.80 lamb gyro (bottom right) was mouth watering and so satisfying on so many different levels. I am obsessed! Slices of flavoursome lamb, garlic mayonnaise, chips, tomato, parsley on beautifully soft and fresh bread. I love the food here. I would venture out all the way to Kingsgrove for the food.

Prices: $8-10 for Gyros

Location: 1/231Kingsgrove rd, Kingsgrove

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Monday, 20 October 2014

The Famous Berry Donut Van, Berry

Fresh made donuts are warm, slightly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and full of cinnamon, sugary flavours. The Famous Berry Donut Van delivers this in Berry. The donuts are very tasty but are probably comparable to fresh donuts from Donut King.  Both are very delicious.  But the difference is that the Famous Berry Donut Van guarantees fresh donuts even if that means a long wait.

But it's all about supply and demand and given there are no other competitors; the famous Berry Donut Van is famous!  People are willing to line up and wait for these donuts!  I only bought one donut for $1.20 with a lime drink.

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Sedap, Sydney CBD

Sedap is a cheap, cheerful outlet and I completely disagree with the rating on urbanspoon. At a current like percentage of 51% - this is completely unfair and out of context for this outlet.

I really like the Char Kuey Teow and ordered this again at $12. Delicious flat rice noodles. prawns, tofu, chinese sausage, beansprouts and a side of chili was a dish that was very easy to eat. I always feel guilty thought because it's a very high carb, fatty meal. 

I also tried the fried chicken at $2.5 a piece.  I'm not sure if there were any malaysian influences but the chicken was perfectly cooked in a slight crumb.  Not bad.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Masuya Japanese Restaurant. Sydney

Masuya is a fancy Japanese restaurant ideal for that special dinner with that special someone.  I've been here several over the years and I've enjoyed every experience.

The Masuya restaurant has great ambience with great lighting, jazz music in the background and decore that shouts "a bit posh". The Masuya menu has a number of traditional Japanese dishes.

To start off with, I had the "Sashimi Ocean 5" at $16.80.  This beautiful dish had tuna, kingfish, salmon and two varieties of fish of the day served on ice.  The sashimi is fresh and nicely sliced in a thick slab.

For main, I ordered the Karaage Chicken at $17.80 which was a deep fried marinated chicken thigh fillet with soy and mirin served with sweet chili garlic sauce. The chicken was nice but not the amazing kind of Karaage I've had at other restaurants such as Ryo's in Crow's Nest. I also prefer a mayonnaise rather than a sweet chili sauce. I would probably give this one a miss.

I also had the Wagy Beef Miso (230g) at $34.80 which was a marble score no.7 sirloin with miso paste sauce. The beef was perfectly cooked with a touch of pink in the middle. It was very tender and juicy. I loved it. The miso sauce was ok but the meat was beautiful.

Prices: 30-40 per head

Location: 14 O'Connell St, Sydney

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