Friday, 31 January 2014

Bejing Alley, Sydney

An array of different dishes that I haven't tried before including the cold noodle dish, some sort of omelette dish and a potato wrap. I was sort of thinking what the f**k am I eating but I was happy to try new things. The noodle dish was pleasantly tasty and the other dishes accompanied the noodle dish well. The omelette is definitely a side dish which was crunchy on the inside. 

The potato wrap was not to my liking but I think perhaps because of my ignorant taste buds.  The potato was shredded and seemed radish-like. It seem to be raw.

Come here if you're curious and want a quick bite.  It's on George St right by the cinema.

Prices: about 10 per dish


random potato wrap

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  1. walked past here a few times this week. might check it out soon for curiousity and the menu looks quite appealing