Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Japanese Noodle Ramen, North Sydney (NOW CLOSED)

Japanese Noodle Ramen is the most reasonably priced tasty lunch in North Sydney. Big claim, I know but I have eaten a lot so in North Sydney so there is some credit there.  With great bargains also comes amazing depth in flavour in the Udon. The previously $3 udon is now $4 but that is a bargain in North Sydney. It's a popular eatery in Berry Square Food Court. 

The rice dishes are not what this little eatery is known for so I would encourage you to skip the rice dishes.  Go straight for the udon or ramen dishes! You can top them up with different kinds of protein. 

You can also opt for a value deal for $10. You can choose your choice of rice or udon/ramen (add additional toppings of up to $3), your choice of takoyaki, gyoza or salad and finally a drink- a bottle of water or barley tea.

(Below), I choose the Udon with Terayki beef, Takoyaki balls and a bottle of water! The highlight for me is always the broth of the udon, so comforting, heavy in flavours and those thick udon noodles are fun to slurp.  I love takoyaki as well! They are potato stuffed octopus balls that make for a delightful bite-size side.

A great place for a cheap lunch. Go early or you will be queuing. 

Prices: $4-10
Location: Upper level, 77 Berry St, Berry Square, North Sydney

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