Friday, 19 September 2014

Manmaruya, Ashfield

Bento boxes are the perfect box of variety and deliciousness. Manmaruya is located on the main strip of Ashfield.  Competing with a lot of popular dumpling houses, Manmaruya was jam packed on a weeknight when I had dinner with a friend.

Tasty liquids of Asahi and miso soup. Which to drink first?  The mini tuna roll at $4.50 was a quick entree to share.  It was nothing amazing but nothing horrible either.

The Bento Boxes were very easy to eat at $19. Salmon pieces, fried dumplings, seaweed, salad, sashimi pieces with a side of rice magically disappeared into my belly.  The salmon was perfectly cooked and very flavoursome.

Similarly, the chicken katsu bento box was quickly devoured at $16.  I would definitely recommend eating at Manmaruya!  A nice and reasonably priced restaurant.

Prices: About $20 per person

Location: 217 Liverpool st, Ashfield

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