Sunday, 7 December 2014

Keep it Fresh Launch by Glad

Most households are bound to throw out a lot of food. Glad's reckons we throw out about $1000 worth of food every year. I normally use Glad products anyway but they have a new formula for their cling wrap which is meant to keep food fresher for longer. I find that Glad wrap normally is tighter than the cheaper brands anyway but good to know that it's even better.

Guests hosts and ex My Kitchen Rules contestants Carly Saunders and Tresne Middleton chatted along with Angelo Sosa (Contestant on American Show, Top Chef) about keeping food fresh. One of the best tips that Angelo mentioned was talking about how to keep herbs fresh.

I took his advice and got my coriander and wrapped this in a paper towel which was lightly drenched in water. Then I tightly wrapped this with Glad wrap like a sushi roll. The herbs lasted much longer, a good week longer then how I normally store them (sitting in a jar of water). It worked quite well!!!!

Above is a quick snack or breakfast treat that Angelo suggested making for any left over vegetables. It makes the eggs look very sexy. I went home and took some other advice and I chopped up some left over vegetables and froze them in the glad sandwich bag for later use. It worked well actually.

So I quite enjoyed this launch by Glad which just raised more awareness of wastage and suggested ways of preserving your food!

P.S: Angelo Sosa is so tall!

Note: Please note I was invited as a guest to this launch.

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