Monday, 8 December 2014

Greenwood Chinese Takeaway, North Sydney

Greenwood Chinese Takeaway is the spin off the Greenwood Seafood Restaurant for quick take away meals. I would describe the Greenwood Chinese Takeaway as fancy Chinese.  For $10 or $11, you can go for special BBQ duck, chicken or pork dishes with beautiful noodles. 

You can also opt for the more typical oily/msg type chinese options too. I had the soy chicken with noodles and greens. It was something different for lunch. The chicken was good, the skin was a bit weird looking but I still ate it all as it was tasty, There were tonnes of noodles that I couldn't finish but I was pleasantly surprised when they weren't too oily. Great noodles.

Prices: $10-12 for most main meals

Location: Right next to Greenwood Seafood Restaurant in the plaza, 101 Miller St, North Sydney

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