Friday, 12 December 2014

Green Peppercorn, Fairfield

I would come back but I think on this occasion it was just an off night. I had such fond memories of my first adventure there. Normally, I'd agree with their 75% like rate. I had an amazing experience last time I went to Green Peppercorn but the second time round, it wasn't as good. The dessert was quite pleasant and the only highlight.

The above flat rice cashew noodle with chicken just didn't quite have the right mix of flavours in its sauce. There were large chunks of inedible herbs that I didn't quite enjoy. Very disappointing given I had the same dish last time and it was great.

I also ordered the crispy noodles with beef (below). A traditionally Chinese dish but a favourite for many. It was a good dish but awkwardly presented. The copious amount of gravy sauce really drowned the bottom of the plate and the noodles above really struggled to get any balance of sauce.

The Pandan Creme Brulee was the only highlight of this particular meal. (Pictured below); with bright green colours; it was perfect in flavours and textures. It was soft and gooey at the bottom with a hard sugary top. A great dessert.

Prices: about $15 per main

Location: 1 Hamilton Rd, Fairfield

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