Friday, 5 December 2014

Chef's Gallery Macquarie, Macquarie Park

The 47% rating on urbanspoon is harsh! Chef's Gallery in Macquarie Centre is a great addition to the other new eateries in the centre.  It's a consistent eatery and I had a good experience. It wasn't amazing but 47% is below average and way too harsh. It's located just by the Cinemas in Macquarie Centre. (I can't help but eye off Snag Stand when I go to the cinema there.)

Best described as posh, clean and tasty Chinese food, Chef's gallery seems to have a lot of queues outside of their eatery. I would suggest you get there a bit earlier for a brunch.

I love Asian drinks so I ordered the soy milk and the mango ice shake (pictured above).  I had a great seat which had limited space but had a great view of all the action that was going on in the kitchen.

The pricey ($30) pork belly and fish dish below which you roll in the lettuce leaf and dip in the peanut / honey dipping sauce was nice. The fish was a bit dry and the pork belly was crunchy. It was a pricey dish which had good elements but I would not recommend ordering this dish overall.

I love handmade noodles.  I ordered the handmade thick noodles wok fried with terriyaki chicken. red and green capsicum and pineapple topped with black and white sesame at $16.90. I quite like the subtle flavours of pineapple and lightly flavoured terriyaki chicken.

I would probably suggest you order the handmade noodles in a tomato based sauce with prawns over this dish though. Check out my former blog here. That dish was amazing!

Finally, I ordered the Prawn and Pork Wontons in a Shanghainese Spicy Sauce (5 pieces at $9.90). I absolutely devoured and enjoyed this dish. I love the sauce which is a sweet, slightly spicy dish. Drop by, it's so convenient by the cinema!

Prices: $20 or 30 per head

Location: By the cinema, within Macquarie Centre. 157 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park.

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