Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sabu Restaurant and Bar, Parramatta

Sabu Restaurant and Bar in Parramatta is something different in Church St.

Sabu is now the place in Parramatta for Japanese Tapas. For Happy Hour Tapas, go on a Friday night and order between 5pm to 7pm. So Friday Night Dinner would be perfection for a bargain meal.

Sabu Restaurant and Bar is not really a traditional Japanese restaurant. I would say it's more a modern fusion restaurant. 78% like rate on urbanspoon is right on the ball!!! Great work guys

I ordered the King Fish Carpaccio ($10 in happy hour) which was not bad but I do miss the traditional flavours of zesty lemon with Carpaccio type dishes. The fish sauce for the king fish did not quite work for me and this dish is normally $16.

The Karaage Chicken Roll was nice and well put together (pictured below). I would recommend ordering this dish of crumbed chicken, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise and tempura crunch in a rice roll. It's normally $16 outside of happy hour.

The Momo dumplings ($10 in happy hour and normally $12) were steamed dumplings with wagyu mince, onion and coriander with Achar (an indian pickle).  They were very different and unique. I haven't had dumplings like these before. Worth a try if you like the look of them.

I definitely recommend the tuna tataki salad ($10 in happy hour, normally $18) which is a small portion of slightly seared tuna loin coated with sesame seeds (about 7 pieces in total) with soba noodles with coriander and dressing. The noodles were peanut -like and I really enjoyed all the components together.

For dessert, "Snow" pictured below ($16) was pistachio and matcha (green tea) crumbs, yuzu parfait, pistachio ice cream and pine foam. It was not bad. I would be tempted to skip dessert and go to Gelato Messina instead but for something different, I would suggest trying their desserts!

Parramatta is not known for any great Japanese-Fusion Restaurants so I think Sabu is probably going to be the highlight moving forward. Check it out!

Prices: $30 per person. Probably more outside of happy hour

Location: 321 Church St, Parramatta

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