Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Create your own taste, McDonalds (How very unlike McDonalds)

 Quite a few of my friends have tried the "Create your Taste" range at McDonalds and I was eager to check it out. Maccas gives you the choice of creating your own burger with gourmet ingredients.  At Thornleigh, there is the burger bar (below) where you get a clear visual of what is going on. 

The burgers are tasty with a touch of fancy. 

You can customise your burger via the touch screens.  It takes some time to order, as there are a lot of options to go through! You can choose your bread, type of cheese, toppings and sauces. My personal favourite toppings are pineapple, bacon and the choice of cheese. If you are overwhelmed with choice, there are also recommended pre-chosen options that looked quite nice.

The staff can help you with the screens if need be; the screen was quite sensitive so I accidentally added ingredients when I didn't mean to. Also, be aware that you only have the choice of beef in the Create your Taste burgers. You can order a premium chicken burger from the touch screens as well but you can't customise the chicken burgers.

When you make your burger a meal, you can then choose between crinkle cut chips or regular maccas chips, and get dipping sauces as well. You can also select your drink, of which there are some slightly fancier options, such as a few drinks from the Cascade range. It was really nice to have a ginger beer or a sarsaparilla.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the Create your Taste burgers.  They will rival your local cafe or pub from a taste perspective. For my customised burger, chips and my fancy cascade drink, it set me back $16ish. So it is more for value then your typical pub $20 burger.

The revamp of the McDonalds makes it nicer to sit in with pot plants and more cafe style. I think parents will be the biggest winners in this. While the kids enjoy the traditional happy meal and play in the playground, parents can enjoy a nice fancy, customised burger with their "adult" fancy soft drinks like ginger beer. Or you can get take away as my friend did when he wanted a nice burger but wanted the privacy to enjoy it at home!

Enjoy folks, check it out.

 Fun Fact
With all the new touch screens, you're probably wondering if they will replace staff. I've been told that actually there has been an increase in "crew" numbers. They have hired 7000 new staff in 2015 and they are going to hire another 8000 staff!

Note: I dined as a guest of Mango PR. All photos, words and opinions are my own. 

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