Monday, 28 December 2015

Alison and Scott's Kitchen

It's the holiday period and for me, it means relaxing, catching up with loved ones and tasty food to boot.

At Alison and Scott's den, they invited me over for a board games bonanza.  This means a few drinks and some random conversation followed by board games. Each person is to also bring a dish of some sort.

One of the highlight's was Mona's famous layered dip (top photo). I am a massive fan of the bean, avo, sour cream, salsa, capsicum, cheese and spring onion dip. Wowzer!! There's just something great about the flavour combinations.

There's always a nice platter of cheese and dip for everyone to enjoy. I chop up some carrots to help out Alison and Scott but it seems my carrot cutting is too thin and I soon get tips to cut the carrot a bit thicker.

There is a giant pizza that is brought from costco by Sef. Mel suggests we cut this up in smaller pieces that are odd shaped. This seems to be a good strategy and the pizza is devoured quickly. With my lack of cooking skills, I bring a long a pre-made cheese cake.

Many drinks later, we play a few board games including a very entertaining game of cranium. A great night and many other great dishes were brought along to enjoy.

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