Friday, 29 July 2016

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Bare Grill is famous for their burgers, particularly popular with the "fatties burger" appreciation society on facebook. However there's more to this little eatery then meets the eye. I check it out on a sleepy Sunday. Yes, that's a gay time freak shake below. Oh yeaah.

Bare Grill is located in La Perouse and due to its popularity, unless you get there early (12pmish or earlier) - it might be hard to get a table. You can also borrow a picnic rug and order take away and sit with a waterview across the road. By 12:30pm, I see a long line brewing.

When I arrive with MW, I check out the menu and I immediately know I will be ordering two things. 

The first is the EPIC waffle fries (above, $15) topped with pulled pork, smokey bbq sauce, cheese, bacon and shallots. It's a very generous serving and could be easily shared between 3-4 people. These waffles are so tasty and the best i've had in Sydney. They are nice and crunchy even though there's heaps of toppings of sauce, bacon and pulled pork. I would definitely recommend this one. Fries food gasm. Yes. Oh Yes.

Secondly, there's a Gay time Freak shake ($12, above) which I knew I had to order after seeing a photo of this on the Bare Grill instagram. This is a limited edition special. The gay time shake has an actual gay time ice cream topped with two large chunks of chocolate flakes, bits of crunchie chocolate, whipped cream and the jar is also lined with nutella. The actual shake is not too rich which makes for a great meal when eating the chocolate and gay time ice cream. This is perfection.

For meat lovers, Bare Grill has a choice of buffalo wings, ribs and steaks (and fish). I check out the chilli buffalo wings (above, $10) or you can also choose BBQ wings. It's served with a blue cheese sauce. The chilli wings are not too spicy which is good and I like the cheese sauce.

I highly recommend the carolina pork ribs (full rack $40, below). They will give Hurricane's a run for its money. They are so saucy, succulent and tender. The ribs are served on a bed of salad and chips. They make for a delicious main if you love ribs.

AND obviously if you are burger fan then you'll be very happy with the extensive burger menu at Bare Grill. As I've ordered way too much food, I taste a bit of the Son of a cock fighter ($13, above) which is their chicken burger with bacon, guac, slaw and bbq sauce. The sauce resembles something familiar like a home made big mac sauce to me. I quite like it. The chicken is nice and crunchy.

There's also the "Trip" (below $17) which is a beef pattie with bacon, 2x cheddar cheese, onion rings, hash brown with truffle mayo. Bare Grill really knows how to deliver a burger for the man. MW devours this burger and there is golden silence.

Overall, Bare Grill is a foodie's delight. The highlights for me were definitely the waffle epic fries, gay time shake and the ribs!! I loved this combination. Come early and bring some friends so you can share the food!!!

You'll have to be a very patient person otherwise as there's a long line. You can always do take away and sit on the hill with a borrowed picnic blanket from Bare Grill.

Price: $13-$25 for burgers, $10-$15 for entrees, Ribs and Steaks are more

Location: 3/1599 Anzac Parade, La Perouse

Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm (Monday to Wednesday), Thursday closed, 11am to 9pm (Friday to Sunday)

Enjoy my lovelies! 

Bare Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of Ompty. All photos, opinions and words are my own. MW took the photos.

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