Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ttotaler, The Galeries, Sydney CBD

On a random whim, I take my interstate friend to Ttotaler to try their Earl Grey Tea Hot chocolate as it sounded quite unique. 
Ttotaler is a hole in the wall shop that is brightly lit up and I almost walk by thinking it was a boutique beauty and skin specialist shop. There's a big door with a tea menu.

Now I must confess I am a massive tea fan and you'll regularly see me drinking T2 and lots of Asian teas as well from jasmine to oolong or green tea. My favourite though is usually the french earl grey.

P and I order our Earl Grey Hot chocolate drink ($4.50 each) and I eye off the tea test tubes and the tea in the medicine looking bottles in the store while it's being made. 

The Earl Grey Hot Chocolates are made with a tea strainer then the liquid is poured through. Then it's lightly dressed with a few rose petals and a dab of fairy floss. P and I take the Earl Grey Hot chocolates away (it's a small take away store).

We sip the drink and it probably resembles more tea then hot chocolate as it's quite watery. There's a sweetness that comes from the fairy floss with more subtle flavours of chocolate and earl grey tea. It's quite an odd drink overall.

For those who like experimenting, it may be worthwhile having a look as it's certainly unique. I probably just prefer a hot chocolate on it's own or a nice tea on it's own. P agrees with me on this one.

Perhaps a loose leaf tea is the best way to go next time.

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