Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Viet's Pho, North Sydney

Viet's pho seems to have a very high like rate on Urbanspoon so I had to give this another go. I think it is a generous like percentage. For me, Pho is a rice noodle dish with a flavoursome broth that just knocks you over with flavours of meat that is light and full of herbs.

To compare with other Pho restaurants in North Sydney..
1. I've gone to Pho Express which is my favourite Vietnamese place in North Sydney
2. Viet's Pho does dish up a flavoursome Pho (but smaller in proportion)
3. Andy's Sushi  which delivers a load of Asian Cuisines does a cheap but fake broth of Pho. Not Authentic but still enjoyable to eat.
4. "I Love Pho" delivers a reasonable proportion but the broth is not as enjoyable to eat.

With very stiff competition from other local eateries such as the mad greek, my work colleague had food portion envy as he devoured his pork chop dish ($10ish) and was left very hungry. Pictured below is the portion size. Was my friend being greedy?

The Pho ($10) below was nice, flavoursome but I probably agree a slightly small portion than Pho Express. I also had food envy for those who were at Mad Greek!

Prices: $10 per dish

Location: Located within the Forum, 155 Miller St, North Sydney

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