Thursday, 5 February 2015

Burger Project, Sydney CBD

I have held back my opinion on Burger Project deliberately because there's been so much hype!  The 54% like rate on Burger Project is completely harsh. Neil Perry's original burger is $24, the normal beef burger at Burger Project is $8.  You have to judge the product in context of what it is. Burger project is a casual eatery that is fancy fast food. It's so much nicer than Mc Donalds which is not far from the price range these days. 

In the grand scheme of burgers in Sydney Chur Burger comes first and even second time I went to Chur was amazing. Then I'd probably suggest Rockpool's burger and then Mary's which  was good too. However I have come to Burger Project a number of times and it  brings something different and it serves its purpose. I still like it. 

I want to start with dessert because I really enjoyed dessert @ Burger Project. The lamington dessert (below left) and rhubarb cookie dessert (below right) was delicious. The chocolate ice cream in the lamington dessert is smooth and creamy  and the coconut shavings are the perfect combination. The ice cream is lovely with the cookie pieces with rhubarb! At $6, it was a great treat and for value treat. It sure beats any McFlurry any day. 

Now let's get to the menu (above). You have your option of variety of beef burgers, chicken, pork belly and mushroom burgers. Then it's options of hot dogs.  When I first came to Burger Project, the chips were perfecto (I saw Neil Perry in the kitchen) and I suspect he held that high quality as he would with his restaurants. The Beef Burger was delicious and perfectly cooked.

The chips ($5) were crunchy, salty and cooked well. The classic burger ($8) was like a tasty traditional burger from your local take-away shop.  I had a great experience!  But I have to say there were some inconsistencies in my other experiences following this. My first experience was within 3 weeks of Burger Project opening. I wanted to see if his newly hired staff would uphold the Neil Perry standards that everyone expected.

The second time I came here, the chips (below) were oily, odd coloured and less enjoyable to eat. The burger was not bad but it wasn't as enjoyable as the first experience. Aesthetically, I feel like the staff did not present the food as well as my first experience.

The Kim Chi Burger (pictured below) was something different with large chunks of Korean spiced radish covering the traditional beef burger. I liked it because it was unique but I was a it let down by the chips (above).  This visit was 2 months after burger project had opened.

On my most recent visit (pictures below) , I ordered the spicy chicken burger which was nice and the chips this time resembled something closer to the opening so my conclusion is that with a lot of staff being trained and being new to the Burger Project, it's hard to judge by consistency. It is a bit hit and miss.

I still think Burger Project is a nice casual eatery and has been wayyyy too harshly judged by all you food bloggers! I'd stop by for another casual burger!

Prices: $8 for a burger, $5 for chips, $6 for dessert (you must try the dessert)

Location: Upstairs in World Square, next to Din Tai Fung, 644 George St, Sydney

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