Monday, 23 February 2015

The Hardware Societe, Melbourne CBD

The Hardware Societe is often spoken about, even among Sydney foodies. It's because Hardware Societe has beautiful looking food that is equally tasty. If you enjoy sugary, delightful dessert like breakfasts then this is your heavenly breakfast venue baby!

The iced chocolate (above) looks very playful with lashes of cream on top, playful colourful straw and chocolate to the side. The actual milk is not very chocolatey so you will have to scrape the chocolate off the sides.

The baked eggs Deux (below) with bread (with a splash of olive oil) was beautiful at $18. The baked eggs also had chorizo sausage, potato piquillo peppers, queso mahon, toasted almonds, alioli. It was just a very homely breakfast.

The Fried Brioche ($18) is a thick chunk of sweet bread topped with salted creme caramel, banana and crushed nougatine. For sweet-toothed lovers, you will enjoy the gooey caramel that is very rich and sweet. The hard caramel pieces with icing sugar on top is sugary and crunchy which brings another sweet dimension and adds to the layers of textures. 

You may need a breather half way to recover from the sugar highs!! Delicious but only a sometimes breakfast...

Prices: $20ish for Breakfast 

Location: 120 Hardware St, Melbourne CBD (in an alleyway)

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