Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Seabay Handmade Noodle, Eastwood

Seabay Handmade Noodle in Eastwood is a very narrow restaurant in size. The 68% like rate on urbanspoon is about on the money, I would have said around the 70% mark for cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurants.

On the wall, there is a huge sign with the dishes and prices. For non-Chinese, you may feel intimidated by all the Chinese characters and the small shop front entrance but it's definitely worth a try. 

This restaurant is probably best for smaller groups or pairs rather than big groups just because of the narrow space it has. The epitomy of cheap and cheerful, Seabay Handmade Noodle Restaurant in Eastwood has menu items that are around the $10-$13 mark and the servings are generous. 

I ordered the hand made noodles with chicken (below). The noodles are amazing and addictive. They are odd shaped and the perfect texture for noodles (not too greasy).  

I have a joke when I refer to addictive noodles - I call them MSG noodles. Like Chinese Noodle Restaurant in Haymarket and other Chinese Favourites, the meat is scarce but the noodles are amazing. 

I also ordered the pork fried dumplings (below). Crispy on the bottom and nice and juicy in the middle. I love dumplings, they are so comforting. I dunked the dumplings in a mix of soy, vinegar and chili. What a simple but amazing taste combination. The noodles and dumplings alone were more than enough for two people when I came here.

So overall, I quite enjoyed my cheap and cheerful experience at Seabay Handmade Noodle in Eastwood. I'd definitely come back for a carb fest.

Prices: $13 per person with complimentary tea
Location: Near the train station on Rowe St, Eastwood. 
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm everyday
Contact Number: (02) 8957 1988

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