Monday, 20 April 2015

Work in Progress, Sydney CBD

Work in Progress has the decore similar to a teenage's garage who had been heavily graffiti-ed. I think it took a decade off my mental thinking as I siped on my shiraz. It's actually quite a nice escape from all the other local watering holes in the Sydney CBD. However how long will this bar exist?

This is a pop-up bar by Merivale which is still open due to popular demand for now. Watch this space!  This blog is a few months in delay so the menu seems to have evolved however I believe I just ordered off the bar menu. I need to go back to try more of the menu!

I couldn't resist some curly french fries with aioli at $9.50. Salty, crunchy and curly. What more would you need with a few drinks?

I also ordered the prawn, chorizo and chickpea salad with preserved lemon dressing ($18ish). It was a very tasty salad with big king prawns (below). This salad balanced out all the curly fries I ate. So check it out before it's closed down. 

Location: 50 King St, Sydney CBD

Opening Hours: The bar is open Monday to Friday, noon to late, with the kitchen taking orders from 12-3pm and 6-10pm.

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